Blackfire Food is a small company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, set up by chilli fanatic Tim McCarthy in 2014 to celebrate all things spicy. Built on their ‘flavour first’ philosophy, Blackfire produces a range of condiments, chilli-infused oils, and spice mixes that complement every imaginable dish. As Chief Alchemist, Tim has drawn on his decades of tasting and travelling worldwide to bring you a multi-award-winning brand that has put Ireland on the world hot sauce map.

The Blackfire range is vegan-friendly and allergen-free, and most products are gluten-free. We use Armagh Bramley apple cider vinegar in our sauces, which has Protected Geographical Indication status and is unique to Ireland’s Orchard County. We have built up an extremely loyal and knowledgeable customer base in Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, and all over the island of Ireland and the UK.

Our customers are of all ages and enjoy our full range of products, from our mild Bonfire Chipotle sauce to our world-famous Pain in the Hole super-hot sauce.