Ghost pepper & Black Lime Ketchup


Embark on a flavor adventure with Blackfire Food Belfast’s Ghost Pepper & Black Lime Ketchup. This dark, rich ketchup marries the fiery heat of ghost peppers with the tangy depth of black limes, creating a uniquely savoury condiment with deep umami undertones. Enhanced with garlic and ginger, it offers a medium heat that’s perfect for a wide range of dishes. Whether drizzled over stir fries or dirty fries, this ketchup is a gourmet favourite that promises to add complexity and intrigue to your meals. Dive into the bold, savoury world of our newest ketchup and discover your new culinary obsession.



Explore the Dark Side of Flavor with Blackfire’s Ghost Pepper & Black Lime Ketchup

Unveil a world where fiery heat meets the mystique of umami with Blackfire Food Belfast’s latest creation, the Ghost Pepper & Black Lime Ketchup. This condiment is not just a ketchup; it’s a bold statement in every bottle, a dark and rich elixir that promises to take your culinary experiences to uncharted territories. Crafted for those who dare to explore intense flavours, this ketchup is a blend of the extraordinary and the sublime.

At the heart of this savoury masterpiece is the ghost pepper, known for its intense heat and depth of flavour. But fear not, for we’ve balanced this fiery beast with the unique tanginess of black limes, offering a citrusy complexity that will intrigue your palate. The addition of garlic and ginger introduces a warm, aromatic base, enhancing the ketchup’s robust character and ensuring a symphony of flavours that is both bold and harmonious.

The deep umami flavours of our ketchup are a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. This isn’t just a condiment; it’s an experience. A medium heat level ensures the ketchup is accessible to all, inviting you to discover its layers without overwhelming your senses.

Blackfire’s Ghost Pepper & Black Lime Ketchup is the epitome of versatility. It transcends the ordinary, making it a staff favourite at Blackfire HQ. From elevating stir fries with its complex flavours to transforming dirty fries into a gourmet treat, this ketchup knows no bounds. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and aren’t afraid to explore the darker, more intense side of their culinary desires.