Set sail on a culinary adventure with Black Fire Food’s ‘Yellow Crane Sauce’ – a vibrant and robust concoction inspired by the world-renowned yellow crane of Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast. This very crane built the Titanic. Just like its namesake, this sauce is big, bold, and of course, brilliantly yellow.

Our Yellow Crane Sauce celebrates Ireland’s rich coastal bounty, combining the salty tang of local dulse seaweed with the tropical sweetness of fresh mango and roasted pineapple. This unique blend of flavours creates a sauce as diverse as the Irish coastline – a perfect balance of salty and sweet, with a Habanero kick hotter than a midsummer’s day in Belfast.

But the Habaneros aren’t just bringing the heat – they’re also contributing their sweetness to the mix, creating a complex flavour profile that’s as intriguing as it is delicious. Whether you’re looking to bring your egg dishes to life with a dollop of this sauce or searching for the perfect accompaniment to your cheeseboard, our Yellow Crane Sauce is the ideal choice. It’s not just a condiment – it’s a journey through the flavours of Ireland, all in one bottle.

So why wait? Order now and experience the taste of Ireland’s coastal bounty with Black Fire Food’s ‘Yellow Crane Sauce’. It’s a culinary voyage you won’t want to miss!

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Ingredients: Fresh Mango, roasted pineapple, dulse seaweed, apple cider vinegar, and Habanero Chillies.

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