Blackfire Hot Box


Ignite a flavour explosion with the Black Fire Hot Box. At the heart of this fiery trove is the notorious ‘Pain in the Hole’ sauce, accompanied by two other daring selections from Black Fire’s arsenal. Tailored for the audacious, this trio is encased in a stylish box, making it a thrilling gift for spice lovers. Venture into a realm of bold tastes, where every drop is an adrenaline rush waiting to scorch your taste buds!



Introducing the Black Fire Hot Box, your gateway to a world of fiery flavours. This curated set features the daunting ‘Pain in the Hole’ sauce, ready to challenge your spice tolerance. Two other zestful sauces from Black Fire’s remarkable range are accompanying this daring contender. Housed in a chic box, this trio makes a bold statement as a gift for spice enthusiasts. Unleash a torrent of robust flavours and let your culinary narrative be bold and exciting with the Black Fire Hot Box!