Blackfire Large Gift Hamper


Discover a bounty of bold flavours with Black Fire Food’s Large Gift Hamper. Encased are five artisanal sauces, a Garlic Chilli Crunch, a Birdseye Chilli Oil, a Garlic Herb Chilli Oil, and three packs of our aromatic Spice Bag dry rubs. Priced at £55, this expansive hamper is a treasure trove for the avid flavor explorer, with complimentary postage and packaging included.



Embark on an exquisite flavor expedition with Black Fire Food’s Large Gift Hamper. This generously sized hamper is a haven for culinary enthusiasts, brimming with an array of our meticulously crafted products designed to invigorate your taste buds. At its heart are five bottles of our artisanal sauces, each with its unique flavor profile ready to grace your dishes with an extra zing.

The adventure continues with a jar of our delectable Garlic Chilli Crunch, perfect for adding a crispy, spicy kick to your meals. Additionally, a bottle each of our Birdseye Chilli Oil and Garlic Herb Chilli Oil are included, offering a wonderful way to infuse a warming heat and rich flavor into your cooking. And to ensure you’re well-equipped to explore a world of aromatic indulgence, we’ve added three packs of our signature Spice Bag dry rubs.

Priced at a modest £55, this hamper not only presents a culinary delight but also offers exceptional value. The price includes complimentary postage and packaging, making this hamper a hassle-free choice for gifting or personal indulgence. Whether you’re broadening your own culinary horizons or gifting a taste adventure to a loved one, the Large Gift Hamper from Black Fire Food opens the door to a realm of flavorful possibilities.